Progressive insurance company distributes auto insurance policies directly to the consumer, by telephone or
internet, and also through independent auto insurance agents. The price, or premiums, for auto insurance
policies are different depending on the distribution method. Progressive examines the claims paid out and
the administrative expenses incurred for each distribution method independently and adjust premiums
accordingly. One of the expense factors used to determine premium when purchasing through an
independent agent is commission. Many consumers make the mistake that purchasing through an
independent agent is automatically more money due to commissions paid to the agent. Progressive incurs all
types of expenses when selling policies directly that they do not incur when an independent agent is used.
Some of these expenses are personnel (agents and supervisors), equipment (phones and computers), and
marketing (television commercials).

All of the great service and excellent claims procedures from Progressive are provided to the policyholder,
regardless of how the auto insurance policy was purchased. The only advantage of obtaining a policy
directly from Progressive over an independent agent is if the price is lower. Sometimes the price is lower and
sometimes it is not. There are several advantages of purchasing a Progressive policy from an independent
insurance agent. Often the price is lower, and the advice of a local professional agent whom you can build a
relationship with, and trust advice from, can be very valuable.

Independent insurance agents can quote and provide you with different companies, at time of renewal and
significant policy changes, ensuring you continue receiving the lowest price available. When investigating
Progressive as a possible choice for your car insurance, get a quote directly from the company and one from
an independent agent. This way you know the lowest price available from the company for your auto
insurance policy. When evaluating your choice, consider the additional service independent insurance
agents provide.

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