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Important consumer information:
Auto Plus Insurance Agency is an independent Progressive Authorized Agent. This Website is dedicated to
promoting the exemplary benefits of buying a Progressive policy, especially through an independent agent.
Policy premium may be higher or lower when purchased directly from the company compared to buying from
an authorized independent agent. Each policy is different. Many policyholders enjoy the benefits of
independent agent representation while paying a lower rate for their policy.

Lower personal auto rates in Florida are finally here!
Insurance quotes from us, Auto Plus Insurance, Authorized Progressive Agent, reflect lower rates from this
company. For the best combination of coverage, services, and price, get Florida insurance quotes online
from Auto Plus Insurance, authorized Progressive agent. As your Florida independent agency, we pledge
our allegiance solely to you. We offer up-to-date low cost options and quote comparisons,
from a variety of
at each renewal.

As the owner of Florida Auto Plus Insurance, “I stand behind our clients and go the extra mile. Our clients
enjoy a high level of personal attention and first class service directly from me that insurance companies
simply cannot match. I want to be your personal agent and earn your trust and respect.”
Andrew Schimek, Agent Proprietor, Florida Authorized Progressive Agent.

Insightful Articles:
All articles appearing on this Website have been exclusively written by Clifford Schimek, Authorized
Progressive Agent - "As an authorized agent since 1996, I have had the privilege to offer outstanding
products and services from Progressive Insurance Company. Their business model supports a competitive
marketplace that yields lower rates for all drivers. I write about Progressive to extol the benefits of having a
policy with them, and invite you to receive Progressive insurance quotes online anytime from Auto Plus
Insurance, Authorized Progressive Agent."

Shedding Light On Car Insurance Savings
It can be easier than you think to put the brakes on high auto insurance rates – as an independent agency,
Auto Plus Insurance can help! We can review your policy and possibly help you find a variety of illuminating
ways to save money. Here you will find some of things you may want to consider. Keep in mind that
Progressive insurance quotes online from an independent agent may be lower or higher than one directly
from the Company.

Progressive Car Insurance Quotes Are Highly Fine Tuned
This Company is a front-runner when it comes to fine tuning their quotes to offer the most
competitive rate. Others routinely follow in order to stay competitive with low rates of their own. It is no
coincidence that past employees are highly sought after by other companies. Aggressive competition yields
better rates for all policyholders in the marketplace.

Progressive Car Insurance Quotes - Same Name Different Rates
Rates are different for every policy depending on the how it was purchased. Results from each distribution
channel are considered separately to determine the most competitive individual rate. The only way to be
assured of receiving the lowest rate is to conduct two separate quotes. All of the tremendous benefits of
being insured by this company are extended to all policyholders regardless of how they bought a policy.

Auto Insurance for less - Progressive Direct or Progressive Independent Agent
Why pay more from the same company for the same exact policy? Make a well informed choice when
considering this outstanding enterprise to receive the lowest possible rate from them. Many consumers
make the mistake that buying from an independent agent is automatically more money due to commissions
paid out. This is absolutely not true and for several excellent reasons.

How Local Independent Insurance Agents Provide Unique Customer Service
An independent agent's success depends on exceeding their customers' expectations. Whether it's filing a
claim, reviewing coverage, or searching for a lower cost alternative, the independent agent is in a unique
position to provide exemplary service. Company employees do not have a vested interest in the policies
they are servicing. Pride in ownership is a powerful motivator for any business person, and agency owners
are no different.

Cheap Car Insurance - Pros and Cons of Different Provider Types
When shopping for the cheapest rate, consider all the established ways you can buy a policy. Prices for
insurance vary dramatically from different companies and for different options. Just take a look at some of
the examples here from an actual quote. It is easy to see how a little strategy can go a long way at reducing
rates. Why not lower your car insurance cost for life!

Progressive Car Insurance Company Quotes Include Rate Comparison
Comparing rates is a key element for the consumer when deciding who to buy from.
This innovative company has developed computer software that enables them to present accurate quotes
from competitors to their prospects. Independent agents have always been able to freely compare rates
from a variety of companies and, unlike Progressive, they can sell and service a policy from any of them.

About the Company:

Progressive began operations in 1937 providing vehicle owners with security and protection ever since.
They are the largest writer of
personal auto insurance through independent agents. Florida Auto Plus
Insurance began writing them in 1997. The company consistently provides a competitive rate to a broad
range of risks. It does not matter if you are high risk, with numerous violations and accidents, or
low risk with none, as a competitive rate will be offered to you.

This company is well known for industry innovation. One impressive first is their concierge level of claims
service. This approach takes care of the claims process from “A to Z” with no hassles. Simply report your
claim anytime of the day or night online or by phone and schedule an appointment at one of their
conveniently located Service Centers. From writing estimates to arranging repairs at one of their network
facilities it’s all done for you right at the Service Center. If you need to rent a car they have them available
on site. The whole process takes only about 15 minutes and you’ll be on the way!

Another, and more recent, industry first is the introduction of MyRate. The MyRate is a device
that collects and transmits driving data from a vehicle to the company. It collects information about driving
characteristics only. It does not include a GPS tracking system, so it doesn't track or transmit where a vehicle
is traveling. Currently the program, now called Snapshot, is being marketed in a big way. Customers can
realize a hefty discount if they qualify after data analysis. It is important to note that rates will not increase
due to Snapshot.

A clever incentive for customers, that has nothing to do with a discount or a savings of any kind, is about
being environmentally responsible and providing them an opportunity to participate. On Earth Day
Progressive plants a tree when a customer enrolls in their Paperless and e-signature options for certain
states. The only action necessary for customers to have a tree planted on their behalf is to enroll and enjoy
the already existing 5% discount. This is a fantastic way of offering an incentive to encourage customers to
go paperless.

New customers love the convenience and ease of use with the Paperless and e-Signature options.
Receiving and Signing documents electronically along with electronic funds transfer payment method
completely eliminate the use of paper. Now that a tree will be planted for customers who utilize this option
there will be a net gain helping to reduce their carbon imprint.

No doubt the competition will follow these innovations, as they always do when Progressive comes up with
a great new idea. Keeping up with this great company has always been a challenge for the competition.
Shopping for a quote and
comparing rates with different companies to see how they stack up to Progressive
has always been a smart idea.
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