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Important consumer information:
Progressive insurance prices may be higher or lower when purchased directly from the company compared
to buying from a dedicated independent insurance agent. Each policy is different. A good evaluation will
include the costs and benefits of each method.

A motorcycle is a significant investment. Before you get your motor running and head out on the highway this
season, you owe it to yourself to make sure your policy is up-to-date and you’re properly covered. “Just as
riding a motorcycle is much different than driving a car, riders should know that their motorcycle insurance
needs are different, too,” said Rick Stern, product manager from the Company.

Florida motorcycle insurance requirements are excluded from no fault law and its costly PIP coverage which
all car and truck policies must have in this State. Because of this, underwriting is simplified making it easier to
qualify, and the price is always less. And since a smaller vehicle will generally inflict less damage than a
larger one liability limits cost less too.

The Sunshine State lends itself to this type of transportation and Florida motorcycle insurance companies
compete aggressively to obtain new policies. Even those that have suspended writing coverage altogether,
for automobiles and commercial vehicles, because of poor results and uncertain regulatory climate want to
provide motorcycle insurance quotes in Florida. Any enthusiast with a new bike or one who has had one for
years can benefit from
shopping around to buy a low cost policy.

Medical coverage benefiting the driver and passenger cost more since injuries are just about guaranteed in
any type of accident. If you are driving in heavily congested areas it is risky and
motorcycle insurance rates
in Miami Florida
, for example, will cost quite a bit more than in rural areas. However, PIP fraud is rampant in
places like Miami and Tampa so savings from not being forced to buy this coverage is greatest here. Even
though Florida motorcycle insurance laws and requirements in this State preclude required coverage of any
kind it is always best to secure a policy that fits your budget and provides valuable protection.

Here are some tips:

Update your policy. First, verify that all your coverages are still in force. Be aware that some companies have
a winter layaway period during which some coverages are restricted. Check with your policy to see if you
currently have any type of limited coverage. Next, note any changes such as additional riders or a new
garaging address. A quick call to your independent agent or company will ensure coverage that reflects your
current needs.

Consider additional liability coverage. If you have significant assets, it may be to your benefit to carry a
higher limit just in case you are involved in an accident that causes injury to someone else or damage to

Look into medical payments coverage. Medical payments coverage pays your medical bills as well as your
passenger’s and is available in limits up to $25,000 in most states. Keep in mind Florida motorcycle
insurance requirements consider this coverage as entirely voluntary.

Make sure custom parts and equipment are covered. Additional parts such as chrome plating, a custom
paint job, saddlebags or special rims usually increase the value of your bike and may not be covered. If you
have added any custom parts or equipment, you will want to check your policy or call your independent
agent to make sure they are covered.

Know your options. Florida motorcycle insurance rates can vary greatly, so shop around to see if another
company offers you a better rate or if you qualify for any discounts. If you have comprehensive and collision
coverage, consider raising your deductibles. Doing so can help to
lower the cost of your policy.

Choose a company that specializes in this area. For example, Progressive is America’s largest motorcycle
insurer. Progressive agents and brokers understand the special needs of owners and offer specialized
coverages that are designed for them and their bikes.
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